Latest attitude whatsapp and facebook status in English 2020

Latest attitude whatsapp status for whatsapp and facebook

Attitude is Everything!

 Attitude status for whatsapp and facebook

1. Black money was not taken out
 from inside, but it is sheer 
cheating… taking black money out
 and staying white.

2. Seeing your status such that 
people forget their status…
and that people forget about their status and forget themselves.

3. You read my story… It is my 
habit to stay in Attitude 😈

4.Deshag is in my style, Dereg is 
in my liver, Carrying in my 
heart, just want the girl that we
 can match.

5. Son who knocks in our eyes😡,
 He wanders in the crematorium, 
so stay in your position 😏 learn son

6. When there is a stampede in the crowd as soon as you hear your name, then it is fun to gather the crowd and defeat anyone in it.

7. What is done thoughtfully is called setting, but love suddenly falls away.

8. My love has put you on the head, you are not so dear to you that you want to do the same.

9. If you see someone at first sight, 
you will feel heartless, nobody is 
our enemy in this place, so there is
 no sense of enmity.

10. We do not do slavery, be it a princess or money, we do not
 salute the king or the owner, 
We do slavery & salute to our
 Mother India.

11. I have a passion, that's why my Attitude is shattered in front of
 my heart.

12. There is no car…… neither is bullet…… nor do you have a weapon…… One is Jigra in the 
chest and the other is Jigre like
 Jigri  Man 😉

13. On the day you leave, you will be able to know on that day, you
 will know about yourself, it is we who show their love, by showing their appreciation.

14. Friends, post any number of All New Attitude Sтaтus 📝 on 👫 G օօɢʟɛ ☝, but All New Attitude Status 📝 then only will be available in my post.

15. There is no need of any trigger for applying the wattage of enemies, just that band should have liver.

16. Everyone is fond of own ATTITUDE, but I am fond of breaking ATTITUDE of everyone, the style is different.

17. I am compelled to love me, because I am infuriated, I have gurus, but still I am looking for God…

18. Who keeps track of who changes what, when, and where, 😎 I keep my heart clear on bitter right.

19. Sun Pagli is very dear to my love.

20. Ask yourself with your heart that if I want to forget me, I will leave love with an oath.

21. Until there is no fire in the enemy's chest, there will be no fun in living.

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