Bewafa whatsapp status for whatsapp and Facebook in English

Bewafa whatsapp status for whatsapp and Facebook in English

👉 Jisse umid ho and wahi Dil Dukh de to puri Dunia se bharosha uada jata hai..Don't trust anyone 👈

Bewafa shayari for whatsapp

 1. This sadness is not true, it does not stop itself, it gave up its shadow, it left me alone, and the promise broke from the lips with eyes.

 2. The man was going on the shoulders of human being, wrapped in the shroud was going to Armaan, who was going to the crematorium in search of Wafa in unabated love. 😭 💔 😢

 3. Ask me how far I am waiting for my patience, you should keep your happiness as far as the hopes of the faithful will be, we will have to see how far you are.

 4. When he felt angry when he was separated, then when he parted, he could not give the gift, he gave a lot to him when he was unfaithful! 💔 💔 😭

 5. We do not know the skill of love, that is why we lost the prize of love. They loved our life so maybe they killed us alive! 😭 💔 😢

 6. We did not write his name on our breath, we knew that we did something wrong
 He retracted from us by promising us love, but we learned something from his disobedience!

 7. Remember, I know a lot about my love, I have heard about the wafa, they also grieve love, who do not know about the wafa.

 8. We understood the depth of love by drowning in your intoxicating memories, you were cheating and we never considered you unfaithful even after knowing it. 😭 💔

 9. What should I say, how is my condition that one day passes, like a year I am suffering, so that in infidelity, this body is becoming like a skeleton.

 10. If I want to burn in my destiny, I will burn
 I am not your promise that will change, do not explain to me, nor will one day of my life be able to stumble myself.

 11. We had come to decorate your heart's feast, your oath had come to make you yours, what punishment have you given to us unfaithfully, we have come to make your pain your own. 💔 💔 😭

 12. That stain you have made us unfaithful love
  Hi, I have been sitting on my love for Pakistan, considering it as a sign of love from my chest. 💔 😭

 13. Two heart beats have a musical instrument
  Everyone is proud of their own love, not every one of them is unfaithful, there is a secret behind their infidelity too.

 14. There is a secret in every heart, there is a way to tell the thing, until everyone stumbles, everyone is proud of their love. 💔

 15. Janja was getting up even though I was having trouble asking her sitting in the house unfaithful
 And how long to bury!

 16. His face was so proud
  That crying in his memory was also acceptable
  Even unfaithful can not be called him
  We have done love, it was innocent.

 17. Not that you don't remember us
  Admittedly, where all relationships are not maintained
  But those who settle in the heart are not forgotten, all kinds of relationships are not maintained with the infidel.

 18. We have talked about the blessings; We have taken them in front of the gaffes; We have risen in front of the glowing winds, whenever the hands are changed, the fate is forced.

 19. He turned me down and asked me to smile
 I laughed the question was of his happiness, I lost the one that was not mine, but he lost the one that belonged to him only. 😭 💔 😢

 20. Only attach heart to someone when they learn to read hearts or else there is no honesty in the nature of every face.

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