Bewafa whatsapp Shayari for whatsapp and facebook in English 2020

Bewafa whatsapp Shayari for whatsapp and facebook in English 2020

Mujse bhi jada importance tum kisi or ko de rahi hai...

Bewafa Shayari for facebook

1. You talked with my eyes and stole my heart, I thought you were strangers But just by giving him a smile, he made us his own.

2.#so πŸ™‡ gaye #hai πŸ‘ˆ shahar πŸŒƒ ke #sare_galiya 🏘 #ab ☝ jagane πŸ‘€ #ki bari 😭 #meri_ hai πŸ‘¨

3. # Wish πŸ˜” someone πŸ‘‰ # come in the morning also 🚢 who is bright ΰ€‰ # not 😏 # take my ☝ life ΰ€…ΰ€ͺΰ€¨े with your 😭 # 😫😫 Miss You PaGaL

4.#chalo_pagale πŸ‘¦ ☝ #dilon ❤ kee #adala_badalee ☝ #kar_le, πŸ˜‰ #tadap 😌 kya #hotee_hai, 😏 #samajh 😌 to #aae_zara .. 😏😏

5.Smoke looks like smoke in the city, is feeling like someone's love is burning .. !! 😒😒

6.You guys just read Alpha Alphabets, ever thought how much pain will be great, then they will come to Alphas only

7.The most # dangerous # πŸ“΅ virus # of my friends, you can never erase #

8. # Something ☝ and do not know 😏 # not me πŸ‘¨ for whom πŸ‘‰ # for ΰ€―ा # I cried 😭 # she is the first 😌 # girl_.

9. From the window of your house, I
will look at the sky, you will find the star on which your name is written, you will
also burn every word and keep it on
the threshold of the eyelids, I will
 send a dream every day to your city.  πŸ’” 😒

10. Love has brought that color to life
 This color of the heart has been made
 that if you want to live, you have raised the weight to lift the Nazi, but you have
also enjoyed it so much that you
want to live.

11.I have become so much lost in your
 love, wherever you go, I have started getting you in front of you, the
 situation is that you are visible in
 every face.Oh God, now I have started forgetting myself too.  πŸ’” 😭

12. Love becomes a reason for happiness in the world Love causes pain in memories When nothing feels good in the world, then love becomes the reason for our living.

13. Missing flowers when touching thorns Relationships can be understood by
 staying at the distanceThere are also some emotions that are not left with eyes,
 they feel when they say to the tongue.

14. Take every sorrow in your soul, take life in your love, I should meet you and you should spend my whole life in one visit.

15. Now come or not come here, let's ask what you want, ask them, if you ask me, what is the reasoning, what happened, friends, keep asking about their news.

16.It is a beautiful evening in Fiza, you are jamming in love, you are hiding in the chest, if you want to, then only you are another name of my life.

17 Forgive me if I go to the limit, forgive me if I forget everything in the night for the sake of your heart.

18.πŸ’” How strange is Ishq's relationship -- Even when you are far away, you are so close that if you do not lose my waste of your waste, then you have your
own destiny.

19.πŸ’”vo khud par garur karate hai to isame hairat ki koyi baat nahin jinhen ham chahate hai vo aam ho he nahin sakateπŸ’”.

20. Reject someone with a swan, there is no compulsion in love of love.

21.This wafa is a matter of time
When the house is raw and people come true Used to do πŸ’” 😒.

22. Do not love them if you like them Do not waste your sleep for them, two days will come and you will meet happily on the third day and say do not wait.

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