Funny Status in English for whatsapp and fb story

Funny Status in English for whatsapp and fb story

Funny Shayari for Whatsapp
1. Neither for my friend, nor for your person, this photo is only for my neighbor.

2. There was one of us who used to distribute chocolates in the street even after taking 38% number in tenth, nowadays children are also crying by bringing 80% number.

 3. It should also be called Morning Walk, fingers are used for 3-4 kilometers on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp in the morning.

4.Take "Blank Check" and get out of my daughter's life, I wish someone would come to us to say that.

5. Different topics like Maths, Bio and Commerce come, so some love gets separated.

6.The rains form, but do not come, it seems that the rain has become constipated…

9.The husband who remained floating, the lover who survived, the one who drowned, I have fallen in love with love and love, so that you cannot come out.

10.9, 8 boys listen to the song 'Tu Pyaar Hai, someone else, you want someone else' Even today we become emotional in our country.

11. Darling on husband's husband, you boil potatoes, I peel peas, life gave a lot of wounds, but everyone was stitched.

12. Kambakht made me an Election Commission by saying "Bhai", I had to become a candidate for Ishq's election.

13. We robbed men for free, that eye was very sweet which it killed us Where did we know that he had the disease of Baba Ramdev?

14. He can also go to hell for that,
 A lover told his girlfriend then both of them got married, now that lover is hell right now.

15. There is never Diwali in May, there is never Holi in June, whatever you like, that girl is not your homemaker, so look at the girls and move on

16.😀 Those of whom we are sitting sick in remembrance should not get cold, cold, fever.

17. A boy suddenly sees girls
 The poet became, the girl said, "Hath Mere, Cheek Tere, Taal under the ear, Lafz Tere, Geet Mere, Ghazal Koi dunna.

18. Call the service center and ask yourself, before sending every SMS, you have to send it so that I can fail the sanding.

19. When stress comes, you lose the job yourself, and when your neighbor loses job, then there is a recession.

20.There is no point in remembering two people to do the same thing, men should not remember their mistakes after getting married.

21. A woman who spends more money than her, can be a successful person and can find such a person who can become a successful woman.

22. If you do not get a full bottle, then there is no problem, you get a drink, do not meet us, but do we have our blessings.

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