Mahakal whatsapp and facebook page status in English

Mahakal whatsapp and facebook page Status in English

Mahakal Shayari for whatsapp in English

1. Ask me to identify with me… *, *
 I am a Bhasmdhari, ** I would have consumed Bhasma whose makeup
 I am a priest of that * Mahakal… *, * Har har Mahadev *

2. How has this reduced the air,
 new headlines have come in the air, there is a spread of fragrance in the air, Mahadev has definitely
 added Chillam.

3.laugh_k_p_jao_bhang_ka_cup .. !! * What_der_ is_when_with_ is_your_trush_wala .. !! *

4.Wounds will also be filled, faces
 will also be changed, You remember to do Mahakala, you will be seen
 only in your heart and mind and only Mahakal… every Har Mahadev

5.The Creator cannot do, Shiva can do so, Three people in nine volumes, no bigger than Mahakal… Jai Shri Mahakal

6.In the dark darkness, I am away from public life, I am dancing in 
the crematorium, I am a victim
 of death…

7.How can I say that my prayers have become ineffective, whenever I
 cried, my Bholenath was informed.

8.I stay away from love of showers… ..That is why I am drunk with
 Mahakal !! Everywhere Shiva

9.I came to the extreme ... I came to kill "I"I am not "I" ... I am not afraid ...* I am Shiva. * * I am Shiva.
 * * I am Shiva. *

10. My Mahakala says do not think that your dream will be fulfilled or not, because I also help those whose actions are good…

11. Who thinks only you are…
Not just me, * I am Mahakal. * 
* Har har Mahakal...
* * I am Mahakal. *

12. Don't Ask Me My Identity….I am a Bhasmdhari, I would have been consumed by Bhasma whose makeup 
I am a priest of that Mahakal….Everywhere Shiva

13. The worship of Shiv Shankar who was saved by him, his fleet crossed
 at Bhavsagar in the end, worship 
the innocent God, and worship him 
in meditation.  ..

14. To be tanned, to be conscious,
 Know what to hide from the theft of the Mahakal, whose hand is
 the lanyard..Jai Shri Mahakala

15.I have no deceit ... no tomorrow in you ... in the womb of death ... near life ... I am the shape of darkness ... I am a type of light ... * I am Shiva  . *
 * I am Shiva. * * I am Shiva. *

16. How are these reduced, New headlines have come in the 
air, The aroma that spreads in the 
air, Surely Mahadev has
 installed Chillam.

17. Both I and Maira Bholenath are very forgetful, they forget my faults and I am kind to them ..

18.The eye has lost the third Shiva 
of Shambhu Trikala, in this Kali-yuga, only he who will be a devotee
 of Mahakal.

19.In my body life, the name Bholenath is yours, If I am
 happy today then this favor is also yours!  I know you have held
 my hand, every moment of 
my moment, my Bholenath, love is yours !!! Jai Jai Bholenath !!

20.Death died that the deeds of the Chandal, what should the Kaal do for the Mahakala who is a devotee.

21.Shiva's devotion, Shiva's immense strength, May your whole family
 be blessed with happiness throughout your life, May Mahadev's grace
 always remain in your life, may you succeed in every endeavor 
of your life.

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